for navigating the challenges of parenthood with the demands of work life, starting with an incredibly short or non-existent maternity leave, to the impossibility of paid help. That is why we created One Village, to support you as a working by bridging the gap between parental leave and return to work!

When you join One Village you become a member of a community that was designed to support your unique work/life needs.

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A collaborative co-working space. Our campuses will be equipped with everything our community members need to do their best work. We offer spaces designed for specific needs like private offices, conference rooms, creative space, and phone booths. You’ll also find rooms designed to meet the unique needs of working moms including onsite childcare, spaces to nurse and pump, and relaxation rooms for self-care. Additionally, our neighborhoods are designed with space to house community programming and social events to help you build your network.

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When you join One Village you not only join a community of like-minded parent entrepreneurs and working parents that are as passionate as you about balancing work and life. But you are also connected to our network of business advisors: The Village Counsel. The Village Counsel is our curated network of business, career and parenting advisors that are here to help you propel not only your business and career but to also give you support on the most challenging aspects of parenting.

While we are working hard to secure the site of our first home, we are starting our community with popup co-working events with childcare on site.

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A Montessori Environment For Young Villagers

The Garden is our peaceful and beautiful Montessori environment where your little villager will be cared for by our team of loving and nurturing caregivers. Just like you, we share a vision and passion for providing the highest quality of care and supporting healthy cognitive, physical and social development. Our little villagers are six weeks to three years of age. There is a Montessori infant room for infants from 6 weeks to 15 months and a Montessori toddler room from 15 months to 3 years of age.

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