Schedule And Tuition


We know that as a remote working parent or an entrepreneur, you need flexibility in your schedule. But also, just like you, our top priority is to provide your child with a peaceful and safe environment.

Consistency and routine are the key ingredients for the child to feel safe and at ease when she’s away from home. That is why we have designed a schedule that is divided in blocks of time that try to follow your child’s daily routine.

8:00-11:30 am Morning awake period
11:30-3:00 pm Lunch, Nap and Quite Time
3:00-6:30. Afternoon play time and drop-in option for parents looking for more flexibility.

We prefer the days your child is at The Garden to be on consecutive days so that it is easier for her to understand the routine and to be at ease on our environment and at home.

You have the option to enroll on 2 or 3 consecutive days, or 5 days per week.

* Early drop-off will available from 7:30 am for a small fee, ask us if you need this option!
* Minimum 2 Hours for Drop-Ins

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Because we haven’t secured a site and tuition can vary depending on the location and characteristics of the site, we are showing a table with ranges below. Once we know more we’ll let you know that we have nailed down our prices and tuition.

Price ranges in the table below include the Open Desk CoWorking Membership prices. For more details about other coworking membership options that we plan to offer, go to this link (add button).

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